Advanced Flight Techniques

Unlock the skies with our Advanced Flight Simulation Training Module, meticulously designed for flight enthusiasts and aspiring pilots. This comprehensive course delves deep into crucial aspects of flight dynamics and emergency handling, ensuring you’re prepared for any situation in the cockpit.

Explore the intricacies of low-speed flight, master the art of stall, spin, and unusual attitude recovery. Gain confidence in handling engine failures after V1 and during a go-around, and perfect your skills with single-engine approaches. Each section is crafted to provide hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge, mirroring real-life scenarios.

Ideal for those serious about enhancing their flight simulation skills or preparing for pilot training, this module is your gateway to mastering advanced flight techniques. Join us and elevate your simulation experience to new heights.

Learn and practice in a 90-minute session on the B737NG simulator with a professional instructor.


  • Low speed flight
  • Stall, spin and unusual attitude recovery
  • Engine failure after V1
  • Engine failure during a Go Around
  • Single engine approach