Vouchers and Boarding Pass sold by Brussels Flight Simulators

If you own a voucher coming from Brussels Flight Simulators, it’s quite simple:

  • Select your aircraft here below, then continue by selecting the same duration as indicated on your boarding pass (and the same number of participants in case you fly the Boeing 737).
  • Just proceed as a normal purchase, but once in the basket you will see a place to fill your voucher code in.
  • If you decide to upgrade (more time / more participants), you will have to pay the difference at the end of the process.
  • If you want to crossgrade (changing the aircraft), you can also do it and pay the difference if any. Notice that if you choose for a lower price configuration, there will be no refunds and the possible balance of your voucher will be lost.

Voucher codes intended to reschedule a session that was canceled/postponed due to COVID-19

Please proceed exactly the same way as explained for standard Vouchers and Boarding Pass.

Vouchers and Boarding Pass sold by Partners

If you have a voucher from a partner like Groupon, Wonderbox, Vivabox, or any other external company, please contact us and mention all the relevant information (provider, specific codes, name, simulator, expiry date if any…).

We will provide a new voucher code so you can redeem it online. Sorry for the inconvenience, this will be fixed in a coming update of the website.

FIGHTER JETS: FLY a F-16 or F-18 or BOTH!

Looking for fancy gaming, crazy adventure and goose bumps, alone or with friends? Do not hesitate one more second and book right now!
In Belgium


An incredible and totally 360° immersive experience, creating an amazing impression of being really in flight thanks to a unique visual system faithfully reproducing the sceneries, movements, weather, traffic, etc.

Up to 8 participants!


Take off from anywhere in the World, in any weather condition, with a Cessna C172 - one of the most popular single-engine light aircraft! Flying basics, sightseeing, aerobatics, PPL 'ground practice', fun flight...

1 or 2 participants.


Dedicated to IVAO members.
Fly our Boeing 737-800 NG in a busy environment just like a real pilot!

For 1 to 3 participants (at least 1 must be a regular member of IVAO).

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