Shooting and Filming

The right place for Cinema, Video and Photo Shootings!

The perfect place for filming interior scenes of airliner cockpits or fighters!​

Looking for a location for a photo shooting in a Boeing 737 cockpit ? Having projects in filming an aviation related scene for TV or Cinema ? Producing a video clip flying high ? 

This is the right place!


  • A 180 m2 hall containing 3 simulators: one Boeing 737 with a small 8-passenger cabin, and two F16 and F18 fighter cockpits.
  • External access to film the activity in the B737 cockpit with hindsight.
  • Other facilities:
    • meeting room (75 m2)
    • bar-lounge (50 m2)
    • toilets


ItemPrice excl. VAT 21%
Half Day (4 hours)1 200,00 EUR
Full Day (8 hours)2 200,00 EUR
Overtime (/hour)325,00 EUR
Operator / instructor (/hour) **75,00 EUR
Hours before 08:00 or after 20:00+30%

* Non-contractual and indicative pricing. Please contact us to check availability and get a formal offer.

** Minimum 1 operator is required during the entire occupation.

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