COVID-19 Guidelines

COVID-19 Guidelines (last update 15 Nov 2021)

We take specific measures against Covid-19 to ensure all sessions will happen in safe circumstances. Please read the following:

  • No Covid Safe Ticket is required at the moment;
  • Hand disinfection at the entrance mandatory for everyone;
  • Specific disposable gloves provided to anyone who request it;
  • Wearing a face mask is compulsory everywhere inside our buildings and in our simulators;
  • Our simulation room has an efficient mechanical ventilation system; in addition, CO2 sensors are used in each simulator to monitor the quality of the aeration;
  • Our team members and instructors have all received a full vaccination schema; 
  • Participants and observers:
    • Boeing 737: maximum 8 participants (depending on your reservation, it’s always possible to add “passengers” or additional participants in the Boeing, for a small surcharge to be paid on arrival)
    • Cessna 172: maximum 2 participants
    • F-16 or F-18: 1 participant + maximum 1 observer
    • COMBO F-16 + F-18: 2 participants + maximum 2 observers
  • People not participating won’t be allowed to wait inside the building;
  • Avoid waiting inside: plan to arrive at the car park 10 to 15 minutes in advance and enter the building max 10 minutes before your appointment; we still manage the appointments in order to prevent too many customers / groups crossing each other in our facilities;
  • Bar / lounge facilities are not yet accessible at this time;
  • Participants must not show any Covid-19 symptoms, nor have had a positive PCR result in the previous 10 days, nor have been in contact with a person who has tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 in the previous 5 days, in which case they should contact us to move their session (moving sessions is free and unlimited in time);
  • It is recommended not to use the lavatories, unless absolutely necessary;

Note: If you or a fellow participant shows symptoms or tests positive for SARS-CoV-2 within 7 days following your session, it is highly recommended that you notify us so that we notify your instructor, who will carry out a PCR test as soon as possible (this information will remain strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone except the instructors concerned and those responsible for Brussels Flight Simulators).

These measures allow us to continue our activities under full hygienic conditions.